Sands  of  Anime

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**Remember the purchase and wear of a convention badge is an attendee's acceptance of all rules and policies **

Convention QnA and policies

What is S.O.A?

Sands of Anime is a convention based on the sub-culture of Japan known as Anime. Anime is referred to as "Japanese Cartoons" and is recognized  for its unique style in animation.

Who is that character on the banner?

Meet Erika, she’s an Original character and representative of Sands of Anime. Her favorite things are anime, beaches and sea turtles. You can't go wrong with that.

Will people dress up? Are masks allowed?

Yes, we encourage costumes and cosplays. There will even be contest for best cosplays at the conventions. As for masks, they WILL BE ALLOWED, HOWEVER for security reasons, if a staff member such as con staff, hotel staff or security asks to see your face show them.

What's With the Pineapple? - policies-

Our logo is the pineapple, the great symbol and part of hospitality, which is really what conventions and meetings are. So whether you're a Dealer/Vender, Artist, Panelist, Volunteer or even attendee, we will be, within our power, as hospitable as possible and treat everyone with respect. However, we do ask for that in return, so if there are disturbances within the convention, the persons at fault will be cut (as in their wristbands/badges will be cut and removed from possession). We will not tolerate anyone treating anyone else as something other than human even though we won't be dressed as such.

We ask that there will be no unnecessary shouting outside of the meeting rooms (at least let the doors muffle it out).

Persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Agents at the S.O.A check-in counter will ask for photo ID as proof of ability to enter the 18+ panels and purchase age sensitive merchandise.

All weapons must be sealed, if not you will be asked to place the item in your vehicle, home, or hotel room. No persons will be allowed in the convention area with an unsealed weapon.
A wristband in required to enter all panel rooms and main events at the convention.

Any outdoor events that allow participation cannot be participated in without a convention badge.

There will be no refunds for lost or damaged badges.

There must be proof of purchase to receive a pre registered badge at the pre registration counter.

Remember this is a family event, no cosplays that show more than what an average 2-piece bathing suit will show. (Use Erika as an example)

There will not be fighting tolerated on the premises.

THERE WILL BE NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES TOLERATED on the premises and if found persons involved will be subject to Florida law on possession of contraband.

If any attendees possess items that look like contraband they WILL BE CUT AND REMOVED FROM CONVENTION PREMESIS.

Alcohol is also not permitted on the convention center grounds. (If it was purchased in a neighboring restaurant, then IT MUST BE FINNISHED AND DIPOSED OF at that restaurant). Attendees with alcohol on their possession will be asked to disposed of the beverage(s) or remove themselves from the premises.

Any attendees that are considered to be under the influence of any kind will be escorted back to their hotel room or, if a more serious matter, have to answer to security and may be subject to Florida law.


RULES: Cosplay Contest